[ic] TagRef.pm and tag_reference

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 09:18:21 -0500

Quoting delionsweb - minivend (minivend@delionsweb.net):
> Hi all,
> Has anybody used these? TagRef.pm and tag_reference.
> I've done a search on the archives using Google and also searched all the 
> PDF files for references to the above but no luck.
> It looks like it will be possible to use this for some kind of online tag 
> help/reference (maybe that is what this does ? 
> http://developer.akopia.com/cgi-bin/ic/docfly.html?mv_arg= )
> I've made a PDF index for the Interchange PDF documentation which I'm 
> attaching in case anybody else is interested.

The WHATSNEW for Minivend 4 has the only usage I know of.
This is what I do with it:

UserTag tag-reference Routine <<EOR
sub {
	require Vend::Tagref;
	open (TAGREF, ">mv_tagref.pod");
	my $reference = Vend::Tagref::tag_reference();
	print TAGREF $reference;
	close TAGREF;
	my $out =  `pod2html mv_tagref.pod`;
	if(! $out) {
		 $Vend::StatusLine = "Content-Type: text/plain\r\n";
		$out = $reference;
	return $out;

This has the benefit of including any UserTag entries you have...it
will even print their information if you set something in the
Documentation parameter. 

I note that I never added a parameter to allow you to return
the docs only for one tag -- I will do that for 4.7.x.

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