[ic] DBD:Pg install problem

Mark Stosberg mark@summersault.com
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 11:10:11 -0500

Shozo Murahashi wrote:
> I am trying to install Interchange with Postgresql on ISP.
> Interchange on DB_FILE is working well.
> I faced the error when I install DBD:Pg. DBI module was installed in my
> private
> directory /.cpan/build/DBI-1.14.
> How can I install DBD:Pg in my environment?

You need to let DBD::Pg know where DBI is as part of the install

Try editting the DBD::Pg Makefile.PL and just before the line at the top
that says:

use DBI 1.00;

add something like:

push @INC '/path/to/my/own/DBI.pm';

(the value there should be the directory that DBI.pm is in, not the path
to DBI.pm itself. 

Good luck!


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