[ic] Interchange-users guidelines [bi-monthly posting]

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 12:36:01 -0500

interchange-users@lists.akopia.com is a list for users who have questions about
configuring, setting up, and fine tuning Interchange catalogs.  Other topics
will include:

  - announcements of Interchange releases and fixes
  - notification and submission of Interchange bugs
  - distributing pages which implement Interchange functions
  - discussing the future development of Interchange
  - any other topic relating *directly* to Interchange

The list started January 5, 1997 as minivend-users.  For an archive of past
articles, see:


Also, because the list has high volume for one of its type, before
posting to the list it is recommended that you use the search feature at:

Many questions can be answered by trying some keywords at this
facility. Try more than one combination.

It is common courtesy when posting to a forum such as this to:

  1. Include the version of software you are using, i.e.
  Interchange 4.6.1. Bugs are fixed and deficiencies corrected
  in each release of Interchange, as with almost any software.

  2. Include relevant information where appropriate.
  The operating system in question is often relevant, as
  is the Perl version and database type in use.

  3. When talking about tag problems, include a snippet of ITL
  tags which illustrates the problem.

  4. When posting about PGP, Glimpse, or anything else that
  uses an external command, you need to state what happens
  when you run the same thing from the command line.

  5. Include error log entries or a statement that there
  are none.

If a post to this list doesn't include the relevant information, not only
are you unlikely to get a reasonable answer, you will add to the volume of
the list and make it less likely that reasonable questions are answered.

All entries are archived and available via a web gateway.  The
"X-No-Archive: Yes" header is honored if you choose to use it.

List etiquette issues:

 -- No HTML mail is allowed. Besides being improper email netiquette,
    it destroys the digest.

 -- Please try to keep your line size less than 80 characters.

 -- No PGP signatures should be used. This is not a legal record.

 -- No flame wars are tolerated.

 -- No "courtesy copies" unless specifically requested. It
    can be annoying to some people to receive two copies of
    the same message.

 -- If you must munge, make sure you mention this in the
    BODY of the message and not buried incomprehensibly in
    the header or in a cluttered signature attachment.

 -- The list changes the Reply-To: header to point to the
    list. While this is by popular demand, it is recognized that it
    is not always the best mode of operation. You should reply by email
    directly to the sender if the post will not be of general use.

For more information see the Netiquette RFC:


Thanks for your cooperation. We believe we have one of the best user
lists going, and we would like to keep it useful and pleasant to use.