[ic] Problems updating products with POSTGRES

John Nealy jnealy@symetrek.com
Sun, 01 Oct 2000 19:38:00 -0400

John Nealy wrote:

> I did a perl -i -pe 's/NOT NULL//g' * on the files in
> /var/lib/interchange/my_catlog_name/pgsql and
> /var/lib/pgsql/basw/my_catalog_name and restarted the interchange
> server.  I was still unable to create new items in admin.  Should I
> create one from scratch, then apply the NOT NULL fix?
> John.
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O.K. I got the brain working with full oxygen this time.  I did a
pg_dump of my database, removed the NOT
NULL with the commands I found on the list, and created a new database
from the altered database
definition and viola'! I am working perfectly with PostgreSQL.  Thanks
to all who pointed me in the right directions, directly and indirectly.

John Nealy.