[ic] Re: Agora Shopping Cart is a lot better!

Toni Mueller support-ic@oeko.net
Mon, 2 Oct 2000 10:15:34 +0200


On Sun, Oct 01, 2000 at 10:18:05PM -0700, Jeff Case wrote:
> Well, MiniVend was much better than what I found at agoracgi.com.

I didn't look at that agoracgi.com yet but recently came across a
high-priced commercial package that is called agora as I recall.

> And the features on Interchange are a LOT better than Agora.  Things like 
> customer tracking, SQL support, various settings for cookies, etc.

While you are at it, what I currently miss on the new Akopia site is:

- a feature comparison for minivend and/or interchange and some other
  popular packages (especially commercial ones - someone mentioned
  Openshop, I'd like to add VShop at least)
- a list of sites that use it (ie, on the old site there was a  large list
  of stores done with minivend)

Apart from my own dumbness I never had a problem installing this, but
so far a production grade store is "in the works", but not finished.

> [ps] A list of web hosts which support the installation of Interchange (ie. 
> users who have installed Interchange with little trouble) would be helpful.  
> Not sure if my difficulty is a result of my host or not.  Minivend was never 
> a problem.

So far I like to do as I did earlier with minivend:

- untar the distribution, cd to that directory
- ./configure and answer some questions
- ready... (under a stock Linux installation)

You might try to install Bundle::Interchange from CPAN if you really
miss something.

I didn't read up on your specific problems yet, however.

Best Regards,