[ic] Agora Shopping Cart is a lot better!

Stefan Hornburg racke@linuxia.de
02 Oct 2000 10:47:27 +0200

"Jeff Case" <jeff_case@hotmail.com> writes:

> Well, MiniVend was much better than what I found at agoracgi.com.
> And the features on Interchange are a LOT better than Agora.  Things like 
> customer tracking, SQL support, various settings for cookies, etc.
> Just wish I could get the damn thing running ;)
> - Jeff
> [ps] A list of web hosts which support the installation of Interchange (ie. 
> users who have installed Interchange with little trouble) would be helpful.  
> Not sure if my difficulty is a result of my host or not.  Minivend was never 
> a problem.

What MiniVend version do you use ? I think there is not a big difference
in the core code between MV4 and IC. For IC providers, you could ask
the providers on the MV provider list (on the old website). 
My company offers IC hosting too.


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