[ic] Custom payment

petri.pietola@nokia.com petri.pietola@nokia.com
Tue, 3 Oct 2000 11:36:26 +0300


I have played with ic & mv for months and everything is looking fine except
that I can't figure out how I can add custom payment into ic.
What exactly I have to do if I want to have page called payment called after
everything is succesfully handled in checkout page. Customer has selected
custom payment from payment compobox and presses Place Order button, after
checks are done and if everything is ok page called payment is called. In
payment page there is couple of questions etc. and after those are handled,
receipt page is displayed.
If there is errors in any of those pages page is reshown with errors.

If you can show me example how can I modify construct demo to handle custom
payment and different pages/checkings during checkout I would be very

I have read the docs but those didn't help me at all.