[ic] Need CPAN Perl mods help

Stefan Hornburg racke@linuxia.de
03 Oct 2000 12:30:31 +0200

John Foster <jfoster@augustmail.com> writes:

> I have Akopia Interchange running on a Debian Potato system. I recently
> attempted to upgrade to the most recent Bundle::InterChange mod from
> CPAN. The results were that in so doing I was instructed by 'cpan' to
> remove the existing perl mods (debianized) from the system as they
> represented duplicate links. The instructions were to 'make install
> UNINST=1' I have no idea what to do with these instructions. I did
> however determine that my perl system is screwed up as InterChange
> 4.5.6-beta does not work any longer. I have been searching for some time
> for a way to get the necessary modules in a .deb format that Interchange
> will recognize. Any tips, or assistance will be appreciated. Thanks!

You may try and help me to improve the Interchange Debian package
that can be found at http://www.linuxia.de/minivend/mvgoesdebian.en.html.


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