[ic] Ground.csv

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Tue, 3 Oct 2000 12:52:30 -0400

Quoting Steve & Patti Getzinger (steveandpatti@wubs.org):
> I think it is ups.com :) They have nothing to do with attributes or products but
> if you have shipping set to use these files maybe that is causing your block in
> forward motion. MV was set to UPS shipping automatically on install and if you
> didn't want it you had to turn it off. Have not looked deep enough into IC but
> assume since it's main heart site is MV that it is also similiar. You know "all
> pieces must be there before we can build the puzzle regardless of the fact you
> want to build just part"
> Steve

Actually, if you are not using them you should remove the 
database definitions.

	rm dbconf/*/Ground*
	rm dbconf/*/NextDayAir*
	rm dbconf/*/2ndDayAir*

etc., then restart. (If you configure them in catalog.cfg or somewhere
else, then remove those Database lines.)

If you don't do that, you must have a valid database text file. There is
a lot going on when you manipulate data in the UI -- sometimes it opens
more than one db in case you need to access it during your update process.

These are constraints of the Safe module, but I consider that
very important. 8-)

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