[ic] offline useage procedure??

John Foster jfoster@augustmail.com
Tue, 03 Oct 2000 13:16:32 -0500

I have searched the docs for detailed info on using offline to upgrade
the databases. Here is what I'm doing:
/home/myself/databases is the source ascii file directory in .txt

/home/myself/mycatalogs/mycat is the directory for the catalog to be

I have tried 2 scenerios to update the files using the offline command.

cd /home/myself/databases
/home/myself/interchange/bin/offline -c mycat -d /home/myself/databases

builds the databases in the directory specefied....what to do from

next I tried 
cd /home/myself/mycatalogs/mycat/products
and overwriting the .txt files to the
/home/myself/mycatalogs/mycat/products/  directory 
and then used this command;

/home/myself/interchange/bin/offline -c mycat -d

this builds (actually it appears to append the files) to the databases
in the /home/myself/mycatalogs/mycat/products/  directory 

After restarting the interchange server, it works in the first scenerio
but does not seem to be changed.

In the second scenerio I get a server error indicating an internal error
or misconfiguration. More details on this procedure would be helpful and
tips greatly appreciated. These are VERY LARGE databases and can not be
updated online using http

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