[ic] errno: 9

Fatih Erarslan fatiherarslan@mac.com
Mon, 2 Oct 2000 17:15:41 -0500

Hello Everybody:

I have taken big steps really, and I was able to setup catalogs and
control them:

After I restarted Interchange Server I got these errors:
konya:bin {4} ./interchange -r
Killing Interchange server 13982 with TERM.
Low traffic settings.
Calling UI....
...UI is loaded....
Interchange V4.5.6
Configuring catalog asenashop...Using MySQL, DSN=dbi:mysql:asenashop.
asenashop config error: Can't open file: 'recurring_items.ISM'. (errno: 9)

asenashop: error in configuration. Skipping.
asenashop: config error. Skipping.
Configuring catalog test...Using MySQL, DSN=dbi:mysql:test_asena.
test config error: Can't find file: './test_asena/gift_certs.frm' (errno: 9)

test: error in configuration. Skipping.
test: config error. Skipping.
Interchange server started in INET and UNIX mode(s) (process id 19863)
konya:bin {5} 
The system is OpenBSD 2.7 Intel.
When it was working I was getting also a timeout message when I hit
the "Apply Changes" button in the administration area.

Any help will be appreciated.

Best regards,

 Fatih                            mailto:fatiherarslan@mac.com