[ic] IC - Help with installation

Jeff Case jeff_case@hotmail.com
Tue, 03 Oct 2000 16:50:19 PDT


If you're on a shared server, you'll need to have your ISP update the system 
Perl.  For me, to run IC, this only entailed installation of the Safe::Hole 
module.  For you, it may be more or less.

Suggest your ISP run the ./configure program fron your user space and see 
what all needs to be updated, as it is presented.

It's up to them whether or not they do it.

- Jeff

>From: "Hansraj Pankhania" <itnc@themutual.net>
>Reply-To: interchange-users@minivend.com
>To: <interchange-users@minivend.com>
>Subject: [ic] IC - Help with installation
>Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 17:48:20 +0100
>Dear all,
>I repeat my previous request for HELP!
>As a new comer to Minivend/Interchange, I seek guidance on installation and 
>perl modules.
>During my second attempt at installing interchange ( 4.5.5 ), It required 
>additional modules to be installed. Since I'm trying to setup Interchange 
>in my webspace hosted by another company, I hit the block of 'No 
>Permission' or Permission Denied'. These additional module are being 
>installed where perl is loacate on my ISP server.
>What I would like to ask to all those in the know is:-
>Question 1 : How many interchange installation files would have to be 
>physically modified, so that any requested perl modules are installed in 
>the home directory or a directory of my choice, and not directed to the 
>perl installation of my ISP.?
>Question 2 : Which files require modification to fulfil the above needs,  
>and  how ?
>This is my only obstacle with the installation, if I can overcome this then 
>I should be in  better position to install and configure interchange and 
>get a site developed.
>Thanks to all in advance.

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