[ic] Problem Commiting Catagory to new item in item editor

Strider Centaur strider@scifi-fantasy.com
Wed, 04 Oct 2000 14:06:07 -0400

    When I select a category from the drop down list for a Item ( in the
item editor ) and hit OK it does not store the category for the item.
However, if I type the item name into the Category Text Box next to the
list and hit OK it stores it just fine, even though the category was
already in the drop down list.

    I have interchange running on Mandrake Linux, with MySQL 3.22.32 and
PERL 5.005 on i386.

    I have pulled that latest CVS, well as of 2 days ago.

Strider Centaur

   " It is my observation that unless you really understand the issues, you are
hardly in a position to criticize.   Nearly all Linux users have used Windows,
but very few Windows users have used Linux. " -- Me