[ic] Special Pages/Order Pages

Hans-Joachim Leidinger jojo@buchonline.net
Wed, 04 Oct 2000 21:57:06 +0200

Vanessa wrote:
> I'm an interchange newbie and I'm trying to setup my catalog using the
> templates provided.  I'm not a programmer, but pick up things pretty quickly
> and a programmer friend of mine told me that I should be able to figure this
> out.  I'm having problems when you try to search for something in my "store"
> or if you try to order.  I get the error message "Sorry, the page
> (../special_pages/search) was not found ".  I'm sure I've probably done
> something wrong with tables I'm using.  I'm using txt files.
> What types of things can I look for to fix this.

It tells to you, interchange can't find the page located at
../special_pages/search. It seems to me, some codes or URL is pointing
to this page. I would suggest, you try to get this error once more and
use the back button of your browser to the previous page. After that, I
would use the menu "View->Page Source" to search for "nextpage" or the
name of the page.
Otherwise something in your catalog.cfg is pointing to this page.

Maybe you can find the cause, if you grep the "../catalogs/<yourshop>"
for the searchpattern like "special_pages/search" and get more hints?

I don't know the right fastest solution, because there are several ways
to get any misbehavior by wrong coding of the own coding of the
shop/catalog. Maybe, you get more help, if you post the URL to the shop?


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