[ic] Tuning Interchange

=?iso-8859-1?Q?Adri=E1n?= Galindo agalindo@liceaga.facmed.unam.mx
Thu, 05 Oct 2000 10:43:50 -0500

jojo@buchonline.net wrote:
> > Now, after use makecat and the new store is up, when i try to create a new
> > account on the store, I receive an error like this on the error.log:
> >
> > - - - [date] - - error 'Call system interrupted' from select.
> > - - - [date] - - Died in select, retrying: error 'Call system interrupted'
> > from select.
> >
> > I install the DBI:DBD for postgres and MySQL, even I tried with DBM
> > and I still receive this message.
> If I recall right, I see this message often, if the message you the
> machine print out any language instead of English. But I´ve believed,
> the English message is "Interrupted system call". Am I wrong? Did you
> translate the message to Englisch? Maybe it helps, if you unset all
> setting of locale from any language back to the englisch language?

Ok, you got it... :)

In the system i'm working is installed Linux RH 7.0 in spanish. The
original message is: 
"error 'Llamada al sistema interrumpida' from select."
I received the machine installed, but I guess I'll reinstall it in

But well... you didn't give any clue... :)

BTW, Is it known any incompability with the new packages provided in the
just released RH 7.0?
Do you recomend using a later and stable versión?


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