[ic] More list

Bill Randle billr@exgate.tek.com
Thu, 5 Oct 2000 09:32:24 -0700


I believe I stumbled across the answer to this when perusing the search
region and more tags to answer Geoff's question. Try adding a prefix
or label to your search specs. That will keep them unique. All of the
mv_xxx search related variables are stored in a SearchObject hash.
The default object is $Vend::SearchObject{''}, but if you add a prefix
to your search pattern, it uses $Vend::SearchObject{$prefixname} - which
gets you an separate collection of search variables.

In otherwords, try adding "prefix=loop1" to your [loop] tag (and preface
the [loop-field] references apropriately). See the docs or the browse.html
page in the MV4.04 simple demo for details.


On Oct 4,  4:37pm, Steve & Patti Getzinger wrote:
} Subject: [ic] More list
} I have another cool and interesting minor issue :) I have a results page and
inside the
} returns area I have a loop search. In fact is is within a [on-change] area as
} Prior to inserting the loop search code the [mv_search_match_count] output
was the # of
} returns now what I have is the # of returns from the loop search. The links
built with
} [more] reflect the search that brought the page (not the loop). It's not a
big deal but
} with my present configs it would be nice if it said what the total returns
were for the
} search that brought me there. Below is my current tag layout:
} [search-region]
} [search-list]
} [sort products:code]
} [on-change 1]
} [condition][item-field chapter][/condition]
} [loop search="se=[item-field
} 1][condition][loop-field chapter][/condition][page scan se=[loop-field
} chapter]/se=[loop-field
} book]/sf=chapter/sf=book/co=yes/sp=bibleresults/ml=25][loop-field
} [/loop-change 1][/loop]
} [/on-change 1]
} [/search-list]
} [more-list]
} Verses [matches] of
} [if value mv_search_match_count > 1]
}     [value mv_search_match_count]
} [/if]
} [more]
} [/more-list]
} [/search-region]
} I have removed the HTML tags :) Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
} Steve