[ic] http running as one daemon | https running as another

Beriah Dutcher beriah@webuildpcs.com
Thu, 5 Oct 2000 16:11:14 -0500

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So you throw away resources in the first place ? Without a really good
explanation I assume that in your system setup are design flaws.

	Actually no explaination needed. In MY experience I have found that I have
fewer problems with running them as seperate daemons. When apache handles a
request the server needs to process that request and determine wheather it
is a SSL request or a normal one. So why run that as the same daemon and
have it do that much more on EVERY single request when that all can be
skipped by just sending the ssl request DIRECTLY to the ssl daemon. This is
VERY effiecient when you run 20-30 sites on one machine. The less overhead,
when 80% of the traffic are normal http requests, the better. So is that
explaination enough for you. Also, MANY web hosting companies run seperate

You are nearly as talkative as a fish. Please describe your problem more

	Sorry if my simple question was not explained well enough for you. When
running bin/makecat I noticed that there is a place to input additional url

# Additional URL locations for the CGI program, as with CgiUrl.
# This is used when calling the catalog from more than one place,
# perhaps because your secure server is not the same name as the
# non-secure one.
# http://www.secure.domain/secure-bin/prog
#                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
# We set it to the name of the catalog by default to enable the
# internal HTTTP server.

Aliases? <<<------------ what would i put here????? (I tried

	Oh one other thing, if the idea of running a secure server is frivilous as
you say. Why would interchange be configured to ask you if there is a secure
server running under a different name?