[ic] Oracle?

jason burns jason@danni.com
Thu, 05 Oct 2000 14:33:18 -0700

> David Guerrero wrote:
> jason burns wrote:
> >
> > Is there any documentation on how to configure interchange
> > to work with Oracle? Is this currently supported?
> > I noticed the website had an Oracle logo on it.
> Interchange should work with Oracle as well other DBI/DBD compliant
> databases... But the reality is that you will have some troubles trying
> it. I've been using it since a couple of months, with a couple of
> issues, like the "Database XXX UPPERCASE 1" not working (workaround: use
> your filed names uppercase), and a small DBD problem (at least in my
> installation...)
> Mike and the people of Akopia are aware of them, and I know they are
> working to solve them ASAP.
> Yesterday, Mike said in this mailing list that they will be including a
> dbconf/oracle directory in a future release of Interchange...

So untill then should i copy the dbconf/mysql or the dbconf/pgsql directory to 
an dbconf/oracle dir?

Jason Burns
Director of Technology