[ic] http running as one daemon | https running as another

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Thu, 5 Oct 2000 14:38:15 -0800

Thanks Beriah,

I'll give it a try this weekend and see how it turns out.  I'm searching
both the OpenSSL and mod_SSL site right now to see what they have to say on
it.  Are you running apache?  Which implementation of SSL are you using?
Take it easy.


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>I dont really have any sites that explain this in any detail. If you want
>setup a test server and setup the two daemons. Make the ssl only listen on
>443 and the non only listen on 80. run top and make a html page that open
>20-30 browsers upon a hit and watch the server u have setup now sore on top
>and suck up all it can. Then do the same on the two daemons and then also
>another machine access the ssl daemon and watch how the load works with
>that. (i really recomend doign this ONLY across a lan)
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>A reason for this directive besides for seperate daemons is for those that
>only have one SSL certificate.  The Cert is based on the domain name, we
>give our clients the choice to purchase their own cert or to use ours.  If
>they use ours then the secure pages are routed through our domain which is
>why the SecureServer directive is needed.
>I'd be interested to see the performance differences when running seperate
>daemons.  We run our catalogs off of a SSL server that also serves non-ssl
>pages and have not seen a decrease in performance, but if there is one we'd
>look into running seperate daemons.  The way I understood it was that the
>daemon 'knows' how to process the request since the SSL request comes
>through on a port other then 80 (443 by default).  If this is incorrect do
>you have any sites that explain how it works?  Thanks for the information!
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