[ic] global subs and "&charge", revisited (+REFORMATED)

Sonny Cook sonny@akopia.com
Fri, 6 Oct 2000 10:42:03 -0500 (CDT)

You are right on base.  Steve's info on &charge is correct.  If you call a
globalsub inside of perl blocks, then you just use the regular perl 
parameter passing method.

Sonny Cook 

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On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, josh simpson wrote:

> [2nd try, same message as ~1 hour ago, w/ fingers crossed for better, maybe even
> readable linewrap this time!]
> Hey all,
>    Sorry for the potential redundancy of this msg, but I'm having very little
> luck with the minivend list archives on minivend.com
> -- the search engine is totally screwy, & really ought to be fixed, imho.  A
> search tells me that there have been threads on this topic
> in the last few months, but none of the search returned links to those msgs
> work.  Can't find 'em in my emails of the list digest either, but I could swear
> I saw these somewhere. Anyhow ... In short, I am about to try to implement a
> custom order route & card processing scheme, and I need to know if the following
> comments, appended to the "Order Process/Advanced Multi-level Order Pages"
> document by Steve Bergman in September, are accurate...
> What he says :
>                      "The info on &charge is quite incorrect. Your global sub
> must return a perl
>                      hash, e.g. %result, which contains at least the following
> elements: MStatus
>                      order-id MStatus must equal "success" and order-id must be
> non-null.
>                      Otherwise the &charge operation will fail. e.g. the
> following greatly
>                      oversimplified global sub would always succeed: -------
> GlobalSub <<EOS
>                      sub webauthorize { my %result = ( "MStatus" => "success",
> "order-id" =>
>                      "00001", ); #my %result = ( "MStatus" => "success", );
> return %result; } EOS
>                      --------- I hope this saves someone else hours of grief.
> ;-) "
> Is this true and/or complete?  I wonder if returns/re-credits work similarly?
> Could someone clarify please?
> Also, in a different vein, do GlobalSubs called called on a page with
>             [perl subs=1]&mysubroutine[/perl]
> accept arguments/references the same way that perl subroutine calls normally
> do?  I want to pass a number of form values from the checkout page to my
> subroutine, and my impression is this could be done w/
>     &mysubroutine($Value=>customer,$Value=>whatever, etc.)
> or perhaps just by passing the entire hash  %Values, which should get flattened
> into an array of scalars that I can pick apart with $_[0], $_[1], etc. inside
> the subroutine.
>     Obviously, I'm just learing Perl, but perhaps someone can tell me how far
> off-base I am!
> Thanks,
> Josh Simpson
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