[ic] premature end of script headers

Kyle P. McLerren flux@aub.com
Sat, 7 Oct 2000 11:02:24 -0700

Hi all,

I have searched for this topic in the message archive but i couldnt fidn a
solution to my problem. could osmeone please help? here my set up

Distro: Debian, kernel 2.2.16, 64mb ram, cyrix 333mhz processor.

interchange catologue: http://gandalf.aub.com/cgi-bin/gandalf

Everything APPEARS to work fine with interchange until i do one of a couple
things. If i just go to the catolgue above, using the construction demo,
everything LOOKs fine in the sense that you can navigate anywhere, and
everything looks great! BUT - when i click "buy item" for any item, it gives
me the internal server error. This also happens when i try to remove an item
witht he administrator menu. I have been able to add new items, but not
remove them, or add items to my cart. the apache error.log reads:

[Sat Oct  7 03:36:02 2000] [error] [client] Premature end of
script headers: /home/httpd/cgi-bin/gandalf

Is this possibly a premissions problem? I think ive tried everything! :(
please help, thanks.