[ic] Re: Bug in MiniVend/Interchange...

Charles Rouzer car@vitalit.com
Sat, 07 Oct 2000 22:10:28 -0400

	I did this:

	tar -xzf interchange...
	chown -R root:wheel interchange...
	cd interchange...
	defaults selected interch user doesn't exist
	link/inetmode fails ... should be ok cause I don't want to use inet
	make install
	Run away process after "/usr/bin/perl Makefile.PL force

John Beima wrote
> G'Day Charles,
> I have been using MiniVend since the beginning on 97, and have never seen the
> problem you are talking about.
> MiniVend has ALWAYS defaulted to "/usr/local/minivend" if you don't change
> anything, just like Interchange defaults to "/usr/local/interchange".
> I would sujest you completely delete your source tree, and untar a new tree into
> "/usr/src/interchange-x.x.x"... Then chown -R that directory to root:root. The
> cd to that directory and run "./configure", with NO parameters.
> This time leave the default install directory alone and only enter what is
> needed.
> Also I would guess you maybe missing a CPAN module or two. That might cause this
> problem as well.
> John Beima
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Charles Rouzer
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