[ic] Frames

Julian James julian@james724483.freeserve.co.uk
Sun, 8 Oct 2000 08:44:32 +0100

> I hope, I understand your question right.
> First: Yes! It can be done.
> Second: Make sure, your static index page make an automatic move to the
> Interchange and call the index page from Interchange. In this index
> page, you can write it like
> <frame src="[area topframe]">
> <frame src="[area middleframe]">
> <frame src="[area bottomframe]">
> and you have the file "topframe.html", "middleframe.html" and
> "bottomframe.html" in your ../yourcatalogname/pages directory!

Thanks Joachim! I spent all day working on this unsure as to whether
src="[area _____]" was the right tag to use. It hadn't been working properly
when I'd tried it before and I couldn't work out why. After you confirmed
that I was using the right tag I rechecked the HTML and found that I'd
closed a frameset with </frame> as opposed to </frameset>. So thank you
again. I could have dropped it altogether!!