[ic] Change path for mvend install

Robert Stokes rstokes@macparts.com
Sun, 08 Oct 2000 21:24:15 -0700

I have just downloaded and expaned the tarball and went with the
standard install but the default location of the install is in the wrong
location for the way my ISP has my account set-up.
I have been away from unix for several years and the spider webs in the
brain are really showing.
I know this is not that tough ...... when the default install comes up
as /home/user/r/rstokes/mvend I need to have it in
I know I could just move the files to the proper locations but I am
concerned that there maybe some paths written to the former locations
and I have learned the hard way to do the install the proper way or it
will take forever to debug.

Thanks ........... Robert


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