[ic] DB table and field add hint

Jeff Case jeff_case@hotmail.com
Mon, 09 Oct 2000 00:43:47 PDT


Very helpful!

Wondering why mySQL tables weren't showing up in ic -- guess I actually had 
to add them to ic's directory structure!  Go figure. ;)

>From: Strider Centaur <strider@scifi-fantasy.com>
>Reply-To: interchange-users@minivend.com
>To: "interchange-users@minivend.com" <interchange-users@minivend.com>
>Subject: [ic] DB table and field add hint
>Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2000 23:02:17 -0400
>     I know this is common knowledge to some but.....
>     If you want to add a mysql table to a catalog, simply add a file in
>the /cat-user-dir/catalog/dbconf/mysql directory,
>     I personally just copy the cat.mysql file to the name of the new
>category then go in and edit it.  Its fairly straight forward to anyone
>with any SQL/Db experience.   I did also notice I had to manually create
>the table in the DB( go figure right? ),  I use kmysqlamin for this ( I
>highly recommend it ) as it makes it a simple point and click processes,
>mind you I can use the command line mysql and mysqladmin in my sleep,
>but the GUI does make simple alters and adds allot easier.
>     Adding a field to an existing table is even easier, simply alter the
>table with add ( again it can be done in kmysqladmin ) then go edit that
>tables file in the above directory.
>     I also have to restart Interchange after making these changes for
>them to show up in the admin interface.
>     If you not fortunate enough to have the ability to run kmysqladmin,
>take heart, there are dozens of GUI and WEB based mysql admin interfaces
>out there, simply head over the http://mysql.org page and select
>downloads, there is everything you will ever need and more.  :-)

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