[ic] Preorder & Stock Alert Question

Dave Barr dave.barr@cricinfo.com
Mon, 9 Oct 2000 11:48:49 +0100


At 1:53 pm -0400 6/10/00, IF wrote:
>My suggestion was based just on my knowledge about bookseller's
>POS/Inventory/Accoutning systems. If one would expect IC being
>able to be configurable to fulfil all function such inventory
>management systems can perform, I think that would be a bit
>too much to expect from an open source code package.
>That's why I suggested to think about one or two major existing
>inventory management systems of industries, which are heavily
>using the internet for online e-commerce, and discuss possible
>IC integration or hook-ups.
>Just to let you know that the inventory of a usual bookstore
>is fullfiled by at least eight to ten wholesales, around 150
>publishers, all of which offer drop shipment for end customers,
>at vorious prices, unreliable speed etc. A bookstore sells
>online, in the store, over the phone, over private email, what
>have you. Let's say  you have drop shipped from a publisher to
>your customer, how is the return handled etc...
>You want stuff like this being handled by IC ?
>Just imagine that even Amazon, who became a wholesaler himself
>and ships exclusivley out of their own warehouses (I believe)
>makes still around $ 2.00 loss on each book shipped out.
>I have no knowledge about other industries' requirements and
>available inventroy management systems and I doubt that
>my suggestion made a lot of sense.

Hi IF,

Yeah, you're right! That was me getting ahead of myself again (not to 
mention being very clear). What I am really trying to get across is 
that your reply is exactly the kind of thing that is good to find out 
about. Within this list is a unique opportunity to learn about a very 
wide spectrum of 'sellers' and all that combined experience. Within 
that spectrum we are probably selling everything from 100% digital 
data through to 2nd hand aircraft carriers... based on that 
assumption there has to be an underlying set of rules which will 
apply to everyone. For example, tax, shipping and integrating that 
into a backend accounting package. I am currently working on a 
project with its own set of problems and headaches, in due time this 
will move onto other projects. I am willing to share my experiences 
(and in time, when it is created, any incorporated code whether 
internal to IC or external). Its time I calmed down and started at 
the beginning -- apologies for any confusion!



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