[ic] cgi not working? My head hurts.

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Mon, 09 Oct 2000 12:30:58 -0400

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    Hi there Peter,

        You can find the answer to this on the FAQ and I am attaching it
here too, just incase.   Sorry in advance to all those with 300Bps
connection, also heres the link to that near wonderful document.

START OF ANNOYING PAGE COPY =======================================
                                 I can't get SQL to work -- Undefined
subroutine &Vend::Table::DBI::create ...

                                 I can't get SQL to work -- Undefined
subroutine &Vend::Table::DBI::create ...

                                 This probably means one of:

                                 No SQL database

                                        Interchange doesn't include a
SQL database. You must select one and install it.
                                 no DBI

                                        You must install Perl's DBI
module before using Interchange with SQL. You can see where to get it at
http://www.cpan.org, or try:

                                            perl -MCPAN -e 'install DBI'

                                 no DBD

                                        You must install the specific
Perl DBD module for your database before using Interchange with SQL. You
can see where to get it at http://www.cpan.org, or try:

                                            perl -MCPAN -e 'install

                                        where XXXX is the name of your
module. Some of them are:


                                 If you can't make this script run
without error:

                                     use DBI;
                                     use DBD::XXXXX;

                                 then you don't have one of the above,
and Interchange will never run a SQL type.
                                 I don't like the column types that
Interchange defines!

                                 Then change them. See the simple/mysql
directory for some examples under MySQL.
                                 I change the ASCII file, but the table
is not updated. Why?

                                 Interchange writes an empty file
TABLE.sql (where TABLE is the name of the table). When this is present,
Interchange will never update the table from disk.

                                 Also, if you have changed the field
names in the file, you must restart the catalog (Apply Changes) before
they will be picked up.
                                 Why do I even need an ASCII file?

                                 Interchange wants some source for
column names initially. If you don't want to have one, just create a
TABLENAME.sql file in the products directory. For example, if
                                 you have this:

                                     Database products products.txt

                                 then create a file
products/products.sql. For

                                     Database pricing pricing.txt

                                 create a file products/pricing.sql.
                                 Interchange overwrites my predefined

                                 Yes, it will if you don't create a file
called TABLENAME.sql, where TABLENAME is the name of the Interchange
table. If you want this to happen by default, then set
                                 NoImport TABLENAME.

END OF ANOYING PAGE COPY==========================================

Peter Lamont wrote:

> Well, it's the beginning of my second week trying to install
> interchange and I still can't get it going. I'm installing it on
> FreeeBSD 4.1.1/MySQL. I've read most emails to this group but
> embarrassing to say I still don't get what's going wrong.Configure
> runs fine - no errors - noticed better install this week from new
> d/load!makecat goes fine using mySQL or internal DB. Restart/start
> Interchange I get: Calling UI....
> ...UI is loaded....
> Interchange V4.5.7
> Configuring catalog construct...Using MySQL,
> DSN=dbi:mysql:test_construct.
> construct config error: Undefined subroutine &Vend::Table::DBI::create
> called at /usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Table/Common.pm line 821,
> <IN> chunk 1.Clicking on any link on the
> http://localhost/cgi-bin/construct/index.html page gives me a 404.Any
> idea's?Peter Lamont
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