[ic] Secure server error messages

Scott Hacker scotthacker@home.com
Mon, 09 Oct 2000 15:02:18 -0700

How to run minivend from the secure server for checkout?
Works fine up to the point of checking out...

I tried this idea listed below of adding the additional directory.  I also
tried running the entire mvend system from the www directory.  Still, no
success.  Any other thoughts for this problem?   I find no paths anywhere
that should want to access the catalog with the error path listed below

Please help !!!

> Here's the scenario:
>Non-secure:   www.domain.com/cgi-bin/simple
>Secure:       ecommerce.safe-order.net/domain/cgi-bin/simple

>When I try to access the secure server, I get the following message:
>Undefined catalog: /domain/cgi-bin/domain/simple
>Is my .cfg file incorrect?
>Please send your suggestions


    I found that the ending "cgi-bin/simple" on your www.domain.com has to
match the "Domain/cgi-bin/simple" on your ecommerce.safe-order.net. What I
use to do, was this:

    Non-secure:    www.domain.com/domain/cgi-bin/simple
    Secure:    ecommerce.safe-order.net/domain/cgi-bin/simple

    Notice how they match from the end down. It allows the server to find
them both perfectly. But now, you have a new problem. Try it out on AOL.
AOL has serious fits with this. All my accounts (well I'm an ISP so I can
do this) are as follows:

    Non-secure:    http://secure.domain.com/cgi-bin/name-of-shop
    Secure:    https://secure.domain.com/cgi-bin/name-of-shop

    That will keep AOL in line (and the cost of SSL cert is worth the
piece of mind I get knowing that the customers sees our domain names and
doesnt get lost to some other domain).

    I hope this helps!
    Carl    (Carlc Internet Services)    http://www.carlc.com/