[ic] missing perl modules?

Joshua cyberwombat@yifan.net
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 00:33:15 -0700


I am attempting to install interchange and am running into trouble during
the configure script.   I select yes to all the CPAN choices, everything
seems to go okay, they make, they install, all looks just dandy, but after
they are done I get some kind of error that says I need these modules for
interchange to work....error line 730 in configure.pm  ( i think that was
the file, but you get the idea:)

So, since I do not have root access (3rd party virtual hosting) my guess is
that it won't let me install these modules although why it has to wait till
the end to tell me that after all the good make installs I don't know.  Is
that it?   How can I get around that problem, not having root access and not
wanting to beg my sysadmin..

Please walk me through this, I am not  a perl guru...or expert...or

Thanks a lot