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Victor Nolton ven@pragakhan.com
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 04:35:30 -0400

Have you tried looking at the page with netscape?
is all messed up. and remember not all netscapes use white as a 
default background color it's actually gray (#cccccc)

Look in your config for where receipt is to be located. I thought it 
SHOULD be in etc/receipt.html
Route main        receipt          etc/receipt.html
Route main        report           etc/report
SpecialPage          report         ../etc/report
SpecialPage          receipt        ../etc/receipt

I think in general you don't want the receipt/report pages in the 
/pages directory, this allows users to execute them/view them 
(assuming they know what they are doing)


>Interchange 4.5.6.  - My crude store is at www.brownsugarrecordsinc.com.  It
>won't be crude for long if, with your help, I can get over these hurdles.
>I wrote previously about a problem that I was having with my orders and
>search pages.  I am getting an error that ... special_pages/search(or order)
>is not found.  You guys gave me some suggestions but I am still unable to
>resolve this issue.  I'm trying to use the demo store as my template.
>I am able to evenutally get to a shopping basket and am able to look at it's
>contents (even though when I "order" and I get the error, it still puts what
>I attempted to order in the basket).  I go through the check out process and
>after submitting my order, I get an error 500.  My error log says that it
>can't find special pages/receipt.html.
>I did not have these problems before I attempted to configure
>Interchange/Minivend myself.  Before I changed anything, I made copies of
>the original html, tables, etc.  When I put everything back to its original
>pages, the errors do not go away.  Weird.
>If anyone out there has encountered this, please tell me what simple thing
>I'm doing to cause these errors.  It seems to only happen with pages that
>need to be created on the fly.  Any help will be greatly, greatly
>Thanks in advance!
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