[ic] Bug reporting

Cameron B. Prince cameron@akopia.com
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 11:17:15 -0500

Hi Mike,

Great news!

Just wanted to let you know that the message with the password that is
mailed to the user contains a link to the real mozilla site to login. I
didn't examine the url when I clicked it to change my password, and then
found that I couldn't login.

After looking at the current url, I discovered that I wasn't in Kansas
anymore... :)

Might save some headaches if this message had the link back to akopia.


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Dear All,

The long awaited bug-reporting facility is now available:


This is for reporting bugs with the current version of Interchange,
preferably only those that have not been fixed in CVS. 8-) Once we release
4.6.0, there will be branches for both the stable release and the

NOTE: Neither Minivend nor Tallyman is no longer supported other than to fix
security holes, so please do not report Minivend 3.14 or 4.04 bugs there.

We encourage you to report bugs that you may have already submitted to
the mail list if you are not sure that they have been fixed.

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