[ic] install: Couldn't change to (...)/catalogs: Permission denied

RalfKotthoff@MZEE.com RalfKotthoff@MZEE.com
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 22:57:43 +0200


>     WOOOOO HORSEY!!!!!!!   STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!
>     change those permissions, from 0777 0770 ( no need to make them
> world writable )

Don't worry, it's a a webserver in a LAN, no way to access it from 
the outside, it`s just my testing system;-)

>  ...
>     In linux create the interch user with a simple;
> adduser interch -d /web/cat/dir
>     where /web/cat/dir is the directory that the catalog files will be
> placed.   This will create a user and group  interch
> Then make sure you chown -R interch:interch /web/cat/dir  and the
> /usr/local/interchange.
>     After that you should be good to go.

that is more or less what I already did in first place (my last email 
was just "trying EVERYTHING to make it work").

OK, but I gave it another try:
I deleted all users and groups and related files.
I started again with ./configure etc etc.

but again, when I did the restart I got:

bash: /root/.bashrc: Permission denied
Killing Interchange server 13788 with TERM
Low traffic settings.
Calling UI....
...UI is loaded....
Interchange V4.5.7
Configuring catalog construct...
Couldn't change to /home/name/data/interchange/catalogs: 
Permission denied

construct: error in configuration. Skipping.
construct: config error -- Couldn't change to 
/home/name/data/interchange/catalogs: Permission denied. 
Interchange server started in INET and UNIX mode(s) (process id 

and (before you ask), all directories are "chmod -R interch:interch":

sorry, didn't work. any other ideas?

Rregards, Ralf Kotthoff

Thanks for your help.