[ic] install: Couldn't change to (...)/catalogs: Permission denied

Hans-Joachim Leidinger jojo@buchonline.net
Wed, 11 Oct 2000 00:03:10 +0200

RalfKotthoff@mzee.com wrote:
> Hi!
> >     WOOOOO HORSEY!!!!!!!   STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!
> >     change those permissions, from 0777 0770 ( no need to make them
> > world writable )
> Don't worry, it's a a webserver in a LAN, no way to access it from
> the outside, it`s just my testing system;-)
> >  ...
> >     In linux create the interch user with a simple;
> >
> > adduser interch -d /web/cat/dir
> >
> >     where /web/cat/dir is the directory that the catalog files will be
> > placed.   This will create a user and group  interch
> >
> > Then make sure you chown -R interch:interch /web/cat/dir  and the
> > /usr/local/interchange.
> >
> >     After that you should be good to go.
> that is more or less what I already did in first place (my last email
> was just "trying EVERYTHING to make it work").
> OK, but I gave it another try:
> I deleted all users and groups and related files.
> I started again with ./configure etc etc.
> but again, when I did the restart I got:
> --------
> bash: /root/.bashrc: Permission denied
> Killing Interchange server 13788 with TERM
> Low traffic settings.
> Calling UI....
> ...UI is loaded....
> Interchange V4.5.7
> Configuring catalog construct...
> Couldn't change to /home/name/data/interchange/catalogs:
> Permission denied
> construct: error in configuration. Skipping.
> construct: config error -- Couldn't change to
> /home/name/data/interchange/catalogs: Permission denied.
> Skipping.
> Interchange server started in INET and UNIX mode(s) (process id
> 13823)
> ---------------
> and (before you ask), all directories are "chmod -R interch:interch":
> /usr/local/interchange
> /home/name/website/construct
> /home/name/data/interchange
> sorry, didn't work. any other ideas?
> Rregards, Ralf Kotthoff
> Thanks for your help.

I've follow this thread and it is difficult to help you, because there
are a lot of ways to get some misbehavior.

Hmmm...did you use the bin/makecat with success? 
Or how did you create your catalog? 
Is my recall right, that you are using FreeBSD? 
Are you using SQL? 

At the first time with Interchange (or was it a typo of mine) has
changes the permission of my myslq files for the mysql files suddenly.
It was suddenly set as an user of mysqladmin. This is an one example of
a lot of causes.
Another misbehavior with IC 4.5.? (not 4.5.7) is, that bin/makecat can't
get my right userid (from my head: $mvgid in bin/makecat?). 

In my experience with Minivend and FreeBSD. I get always some
misbehavior at the first time, if I install any newest Version of
Minivend. Now with Interchange. bin/makecat is not running well, because
it can't recognize my right userid and it has changes the user and group
name of the mysql files for the catalog construct. After hardcoding of
bin/makecat to the right userid ($mvuid?), it works well. 

Hmmm...it seems to me, IC tries to read the catalog.cfg from there and
has a problem. Or maybe IC has read that file an want to write some
files into the own "path-to-the-IC-home-DIR/etc" or
"/home/name/data/interchange/etc" and can't write it? After the first
install of older version of Interchange (MiniVend) in FreeBSD, I've
noticed the wrong permission in "<VENDROOT>/etc" (the home Dir of

I see

    chdir $g->{'dir'}
            or die "Couldn't change to $g->{'dir'}: $!\n";
    $conf = $g->{'dir'} . '/etc';
    eval {
        $c = config($g->{'name'},


eval {
				$c = config_named_catalog($name, "at server startup");

			if ($@ or ! defined $c) {
				my $msg = $@;
				print "\n$msg\n\a$g->{'name'}: error in configuration. Skipping.\n";
				$msg =~ s/\s+$//;
				$msg = " -- $msg" if $msg;
				logGlobal $g->{'name'} . ": config error$msg. Skipping.";

          (from Minivend 4.04)

and it seems to me, IC can't change into some dir or dirs. Are you able
to go into that dir as an user interch?
Did you use the bin/makecat as an user interch and did you start the
Interchange server as an user interch?

I've no more ideas!


-------------Hans-Joachim Leidinger---------------------