[ic] install: Couldn't change to (...)/catalogs: Permission denied

Rob Zimmerman rob@readysite.net
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 18:14:32 -0400

>     In linux create the interch user with a simple;
> adduser interch -d /web/cat/dir
>     where /web/cat/dir is the directory that the catalog files will be
> placed.   This will create a user and group  interch
> Then make sure you chown -R interch:interch /web/cat/dir  and the
> /usr/local/interchange.
>     After that you should be good to go.

If you plan on setting up more than one store on the server (using virtual 
domains) you probably want user <interch> to be the user that runs the IC 
server. Then when you set up your catalogs (stores) the user should be the 
account that has ftp access to the http files for that domain. I put those 
catalogs just outside the htdocs directory  in the same directory tree that 
contains cgi-local (cgi-bin) for that domain. I put user <interch> in the group 
<ftponly> which is also the group that all my http (ftp) users belong too.