[ic] FW: Site configuration

Scott scott@mynewdiamond.com
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 20:15:44 -0700

I am trying to fully understand the 'catalog' configuration in the
minivend.cfg file.  The example given is :

  Catalog  simple /home/minivend/simple /cgi-bin/simple /simple

The FIRST parameter (/home/minivend/simple) is the pathway to the catalog
directory?  The documentation says it is just a name.  Does this line play a
significant role in software execution or not?

The SECOND is the path to what ? ? ?    The location of the script is what
it looks like, not just a base directory of the catalog, which is stored
away from the cgi-bin space.

The final 'alias' is the name of the vlink program.  Fine.  Why does the
example in the minivend.cfg file contain the following:

#Catalog   simple /home/mike/catalogs/simple /cgi-bin/simple

This makes it look like the /secure-bin/simple 'alias' should be just for
secure operation.  

Could someone offer me a clear explanation of how to use these and set them
up right?  Where can I find the info if it already exists.