[ic] IC 4.5.7 - SQL is not enabled

Ryan Hertz rhertz@gyb.baits.com
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 20:13:45 -0700

Ah, oops -- restarting Interchange made the error go away.  ;-)  However, 
the admin interface tells me that:

LWP::Simple not found. External UPS lookup and other internet-related 
functions will not work.
MD5 found (v2.01).
MIME::Base64 found (v2.11).
SQL::Statement found (v0.1016).
Safe::Hole found (v0.07).
Storable found (v1.003).
Tie::Watch not found. Minor: cannot set watch points in catalog.cfg.
URI::URL found (v5.02).

I'm a bit of a PERL hack, and hoping to try and get Bundle::LWP is not 
working (i.e. no results to stdout)  I am assuming that Perl thinks the 
bundle is installed (from B::Ic), how do I change its mind?

Anyway, everything seems to be working just fine so far.  Oh, and my 
goodness, construct sure is an abomination of HTML.  :-P

At 07:07 PM 10/10/00 , you wrote:
>Hello everyone.  I've currently got a production MV3.x running happily; 
>I'm now trying to get the latest Interchange (4.5.7 beta) going on a 
>testbed.  So far, so good, Interchange daemon is running, construct demo 
>is up.  I'd like to just port my MV catalog to IC and call it good 
>enough.  :-)  However, I'd like to play with construct a bit and hopefully 
>do some performance tuning on the HTML for those Akopians.
>Here's my problem right now...  clicking on a "Buy it now" yields this error:
> From interchange/error.log:
> Bb6TKWg5: - [10/October/2000:14:32:43 -0700] 
>uct /cgi-bin/construct/process.html Runtime error: SQL is not enabled for 
>hange. Get the SQL::Statement module.
>Okay, I have CPAN'd SQL::Statement, (wasn't that part of the IC bundle?) I 
>don't have any SQL server running.  Anyone care to convince me to use 
>SQL?  My current catalog uses flatfiles, is plenty fast...
>In order to use construct, do I have to get some flavor of SQL?  When I 
>get SQL running, do I need to rebuild the catalog?  Am I missing some very 
>important configuration?
>Any tidbits are appreciated.
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