[ic] Interchange file import

Robyn Renwick robynr@bcsupernet.com
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 21:37:44 -0700


I am considering Interchange as a solution for our e-commerce site.  Right
now, we use a program called ShopFactory.  It creates html files which show
the product catalogue and JavaScript files which provide the shopping cart.
 The orders are then sent to a cgi script which parses the order and sends
it off to an email script.

I want to use a database to contain the orders and wonder if there is a way
to import the existing catalogue files into Interchange.

Also, I believe that I have only Perl 5.003 on the server.  Will that be
enough or will it need to be upgraded?

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

take care,
Robyn Renwick, CPST (NIC 1998)
Buckingham Stencils, Inc.