[ic] Faster rendering in Netscape

Strider Centaur strider@scifi-fantasy.com
Wed, 11 Oct 2000 00:44:44 -0400

    Get rid of the huge amount of nested tables and hords of font tags
laying all over the place.   It is fairly clear this was done with
DreamWeaver and while that is a fine GUI based web editor, it does have
a tendency to make the final output HTML littered.

    We have modified the result page to our needs, reduced the Tables
from n + 5 to n + 1 and it is much faster in netscape.   BTW, netscape 6
renders it about as fast as IE with no modifications to the HTML.

    I imagine if we did the same thing for the templets page it would be
fairly snappy in both IE and Netscape, but alas, that is a task for a
future project. ;-)

Strider Centaur

   " It is my observation that unless you really understand the issues, you are
hardly in a position to criticize.   Nearly all Linux users have used Windows,
but very few Windows users have used Linux. " -- Me