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Wed, 11 Oct 2000 10:21:35 +0200 (CEST)

On 11 Oct, Houman Akhavan wrote:
> I plan on enabling the NoImport directive in catalog.cfg because I am using
> an SQL db (mysql).
> Quoting the online docs:
> NoImport
> "When set to one or more Interchange database identifiers, those database(s)
> will never be subject to import. Useful for SQL databases, or databases that
> will *never* change."
> Does this mean the import feature in the administrative interface will be
> disabled?
> Also is this directive the equivalent of having table_name.sql files in the
> products directory?
> Thanks,
> Houman A.

Why did you not test this to get your answer?

For example without SQL:

a) NoImport products:
Any change (new items, new price, etc.) will not be displaying in your

For example with SQL:

a) NoImport products:
If there is no products/products.sql, IC will check, if the table
products exist in your SQL db. Anyway, it will update/insert all the
products from products.txt into the sql db and it will create a file

	Right?: [ ] Yes [ ] No

b) NoImport products:
If there is a file products/products.sql. Any changes of products.txt
will not be reflect in your SQL db.

	Right?: [ ] Yes [ ] No

c) NoImport anyname:

   The same behavior as a) 	Right?: [ ] Yes [ ] No
   The same behavior as b) 	Right?: [ ] Yes [ ] No   



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