[ic] Error on Search

Jeff Case jeff_case@hotmail.com
Wed, 11 Oct 2000 02:02:34 PDT

Using a modified version of Barry (ic 4.5.5)

Have not modified the search code (you know, the search box at the top right 
of the page)

All searches work fine, except one so far.  If I try to search for the term 
'DK', 'dk', 'DK-' or 'dk-' I get an internal server error.  I have products 
with skus that begin with 'DK-'.  However, if I search for any other sku 
prefixes, I don't get any errors.  Similarly, if I search for just 'd' or 
'D' or 'DK-x' (x=some char or int)... you guessed it, no error.  So far I 
can only replicate this error when searching for 'dk' or 'dk-' (cap or lower 
case as above).

Oddly enough, my error log suggests the problem is failure to init cache at 
... GDBM.pm

I am running BSDi, ic 4.5.5, Apache, Perl 5.005_03, mySQL

have done

as per Mike's previous instructions (and do so routinely as it is 
occassionally needed).

It's not such a big deal as the chances of someone searching for that string 
are rare.  Just curious why it might be so.

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