[ic] Free item with qty order

Eric Paul epaul@spellbook.net
Wed, 11 Oct 2000 11:12:38 -0400

I have a client who runs a B2B site.  They are adding a new product line 
that they want to put on the website, which gives me a few interesting 
wrinkles.  The one that's stumping me is that if someone orders over 40 of 
any of the items in this product group, they get a free display 
case.  There's 200 items in the group, and they can mix and match quantity 
between any of these items.  It would be really nice if the item could 
auto-magically be added to the cart if they meet the qty requirements, but 
I can probably get around that requirement if there is no good way of doing 

Eric Paul
SpellBook Systems