[ic] System requirements?

Steve & Patti Getzinger steveandpatti@wubs.org
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 06:17:23 -0500

  Up to at least 128 megs of ram. I do run a small local machine with only
64 megs and a 266 processor. Also what is your swap space? Increase it. Our
server for Net stuff has a half gig ram and dual 333's with 250 or so megs
swap. Shut down anything you do not need running. I have IC 4.5.6 on a 400 w
128 megs ram and the same in swap and do notice a difference in performance
in relation to MV. I do not IC on the 266, I am running MV 3.14 on it. All
boxes are Red Hat 6.2 and Intel. When in doubt always add more ram MV / IC
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Fawad Halim wrote:

> Hi,
>         I'm a new Minivend user. I'm playing around with 2 copies of
> 'construct' sample catalog. One using mysql and the other using the
> native minivend database format. However, the pages are taking very long
> to be formed. I have a 233mhz Pc with 32mb RAM. The pages take around
> 35-45 second each, even when I'm browsing from the local machine. I
> tried using mod_minivend, but it got even slower.
> I didn't see any memory requirements on the minivend docs, so could
> someone please guide me on how I can improve performance?
> In case it's of any help, my server is Apache/1.3.12 (Unix)
> AuthMySQL/2.20 DAV/1.0.1 PHP/4.0.2 mod_ssl/2.6.6 OpenSSL/0.9.5a on
> Linux. MySQL is version 3.23.25.
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