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Russ Smith russ@mediaservices.net
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 07:10:05 -0500

"When in doubt go with the maker"
Akopia hosts our catalog and does a fine job ;)
Details are at http://www.minivend.com/cgi-bin/iri_cat/H-100?;;ISP_list (Old
but Mike stated to me that they need to update that page with the current
options (you get more than what is listed).
Akopia does advertise the hosting but provides no details:

If you need a good cheap dedicated server, we are setting up a cluster with
these folks and their service, equipment and data center is second to
none... http://dialtoneinternet.net

Good Luck
Russ Smith

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   I am looking for a place that would host my my ecommerce site which is
powered by Interchange...can somebody give me a list of web hosters who do .


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