[ic] Mall Stuff

Christopher Saint-Amand csaint-amand@platform.net
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 15:11:15 -0400

I'm trying to set up a number of "independent" catalogs, but I want a sort
of unified userdb for all of the catalogs so that logins & create accounts
occur at one page.  Basically, I wanted to have userdb be in a database
independent of the catalogs and have a table which will have the userid and
entries for databases for which that user has done business.  The point of
this would to have a "mall" page where order history, wishlists, etc. would
be seperated by catalog where they came from.  The fulfillment will be all
different for each catalog, as if they were unrelated, but sharing user
info.  Ok, so now to my questions:  Has anyone done something like this
before and do you have recommendations?  Secondly, is there a way on say a
login page where you can say "go to this database instead...?"  Any help or
pointers would be appreciated.
Thank you,