[ic] re: NoImport Directives

Houman Akhavan houman@edigitalweb.com
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 13:05:58 -0700


Quoting mvdocs.pod line 13185

When set to one or more Interchange database identifiers,
those database(s) will never be subject to import. Useful for SQL
databases, or databases that will *never* change.

        NoImportExternal Yes

Houman A.

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> I have not used, and wasn't even aware of the existence of
> I did a quick search and didn't see that one in the docs... How did you
> learn about it?
> Just put all the databases on the line with products:
> NoImport  products area cat orderline transactions
> It really doesn't matter where the command goes in the catalog.cfg. It can
> go inside the #ifdef MYSQL if you only want to prevent the import while
> using MYSQL.
> No # on directives, only conditionals.
> I am not sure I understand your reasoning here. It's normally beneficial
> have the database import. You use the .txt files as online, live backups
> your databases. Keep them up to date by using tag export in a
> or a cron job that runs a script, that in turn runs mysqldump -t and adds
> the header.
> Then if the database gets hosed, all you have to do is rm *.sql and
> Hope this helps,
> Cameron