[ic] Need to restart ic continuously

Jeff Case jeff_case@hotmail.com
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 14:37:38 PDT

Ed -- thanks for the help.

I don't really understand my own problem either.  If I did, I would have a 
clue as to where to look, or start to try to fix it.

When I try to run the below script, I get the following output:

./restart_mvend.cgi: /my/local/directory/ic/bin/MINIVEND_DBFILE=1: no such 
file or directory

When I am in /my/local/directory/ic/bin  at the command line I can do:


without error.

HOW do I make the script do this?

>From: Ed LaFrance <edl@newmediaems.com>
>Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 08:49:57 -0700
>I guess I don't understand something about your problem.  Just add those
>lines to the shell script.  If they generate output, redirect it to the
>null device.  Does this work?
>var=`ps -ax | grep "servername/ic" | grep -v -c grep`
>if [ 0 -eq $var ]
>/my/local/directory/ic/bin/MINIVEND_DBFILE=1 >/dev/null
>/my/local/directory/ic/bin/export MINIVEND_DBFILE >/dev/null
>/my/local/directory/ic/bin/restart &
>- Ed L.
>>[snip]  I just need a script that does:

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