[ic] Is there ANY way to get "[value xxx]" in "[item-data [value xxx] category]" to interpolate?

Tim Murphy tjmurphy@videotron.ca
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 23:32:50 -0400

Hello all,

    I know that the tags inside the search-list container tag only accept
positional parameters and that a tag must be included in a named, quoted
parameter to be interpolated for use inside another tag. I guess I'm hoping
someone will tell me I missed something and what I'm trying to do is actually
I set a variable in a "va=var=value" construct ( database name, in fact), and
I'm trying to use that name in a results page to deal with the multiple product
databases I have (I need to limit a given search to a particular database).
Unfortunately the [value xxx] doesn't get interpolated inside the [item-data...]
tag, and so I'm stuck. If this is NOT possible, can anyone suggest a workaround,
i.e. another way to, in effect, set the database that the results page (or any
one of a number of pages I would really like to avoid hard coding) uses for a
particular call? If I could do that then I could fall back to just using
[item-field...] and the like and have it go to the database somehow defined as
default for that one invocation.

Many thanks,

Tim Murphy