[ic] Update Cart with Multiple Items

Victor Nolton ven@pragakhan.com
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 06:02:37 -0400

I use
Quantity: <input name="mv_order_quantity" value="1"> - item Number: 
<INPUT NAME="mv_order_item" SIZE=16>
This is for a order form where customers can put in the item numbers they want.

I found that if you have more than 5 (at testing time) it tends to 
hang really bad. I am sure you can do something like

Quantity: <input name="mv_order_quantity"> - item Number: <INPUT 
NAME="mv_order_item" value="[item-code]">

it works for me.


>I've changes results.html to a one product per line format (IC 4.5.7)
>with a Quantity input box and "Buy Now" button for each line.
>If a user fills in a quantity in more than one line and clicks the buy
>now button on a line, the cart is only updated with *that* item/quantity
>- the quantities entered against other lines are ignored.
>Can anyone point me in the direction of some means to update the cart
>with all of the lines that have quantities entered against them?
>...and while I'm writing; are there any examples kicking around showing
>mulitple order cards for customers? I'm trying to setup a system where
>the customer automatically gets their default order card when the login
>and has the ability to manage a number of other cards.
> Regards,
>     Russell
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