[ic] Pricing based on adjustment

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 08:52:42 -0400

Quoting Jeff Case (jeff_case@hotmail.com):
> In looking at the pages you provided links to, I found a total of 5 size 
> variations.  If you consider that the BASE price (the one listed in the 
> products catalog) does not need to be modified, you only need 3 fields to 
> represent these products (I'll use 5 below anyway).  If the sizing is fairly 
> standardized, your table should be manageable.
> pricing:
> sku       5.5     7.5     10     12    12.5
> Rabbit    +0.00   +1.50

(This would need to be a Minivend DBM database, as SQL doesn't allow
 field names like this.)

If you have a limited number of choices per item, you can define them
with a common field format, i.e. option1=5.5, option2=7.5, option3=10,
etc. and then use the above.

There is also the ability to look up price adjustments simply based
on the option without the key, as in the docs example:

	:price, ==size:pricing:size:, ==color:pricing:color:

Then you can do:

sku	size	color
XL1	+1
XL2	+2
red		8%
red2		10%


Without three-dimensional databases, I don't know how else to do
it. 8-)

I suppose I could add:

	:price, ==size:pricing:size:*, ==color:pricing:color:*

where * means "Try SKU-size first, then just size, as key". Hmm.
That might make some sense -- if a few items had a larger adjustment
for XL, then you could name them SKU-XL in the row, and they would
fall back to XL..

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