[ic] Install Problem

Ryan Hertz rhertz@gyb.baits.com
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 19:13:56 -0700

At 07:02 PM 10/13/00 , you wrote:
>Quoting Tom Compton (comptont@concentric.net):
> > I am not asking questions without having spent a lot of time on the
> > documentation.
>I think maybe in the whelm you may be over that you missed README.rpm. 8-)

Whoa!  Freak out, man!

Mike, it all works (as Minivend did) for me, but I didn't use the RPM, I 
went with the tarball.  Is it a different distribution?  Do I really have 
to read the README.rpm even though I didn't get the RPM?  Should it be 
renamed to README.invocationhasunexpectedlychanged ?

> >
> > Interchange and construct both run (and at the same time) but don't
> > communicate.  I believe the problem has to do with the configuration
> > of the link between them.  But since I don't have a clue as to how
> > this link is supposed to work, I don't know where to start on the
> > problem.  Perhaps there is a place in the documentation where this is
> > explained or maybe someone can point me to the place in the source
> > that does this or maybe explain, conceptually, how the link between
> > the programs is supposed to work.
> >
> > As you suggested:
> > [interch@zeus interchange]$ bin/restart
> > Killing Interchange server 19280 with TERM.
> > Low traffic settings.
> > Calling UI....
> > ...UI is loaded....
> > Interchange V4.5.7
> > Configuring catalog construct...Using default DBM database.
> > done.
> > Interchange server started in INET and UNIX mode(s) (process id 20540)
>I think maybe in the whelm everyone may be over that we all
>missed README.rpm. 8-)
>     Invocation
>         Invocation is the normal /etc/rc.d startup method. Interchange
>         installs to be active in run levels 3, 4, and 5; to be killed in
>         all.
>         IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not expect /usr/lib/interchange/bin/restart to
>         work!
>         Interchange uses a special invocation script, located at
>         /usr/sbin/interchange, to start the Interchange server. This is
>         called by /etc/rc.d/init.d/interchange.
>There was a typo in that file at the 4.5.7 release, which called out
>/usr/lib/bin/interchange as the actual script.
>That being said, it is possible you have SUEXEC turned on an that may
>cause a problem (though usually it is a server error problem.)
>Your interchange server is not running, according to the output of
>your ps command, so let us know if you have tried the proper invocation
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